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Long COVID is a Real Syndrome

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Survivor Corps

Grassroots nonprofit launched to connect, support, educate, motivate and mobilize COVID-19 survivors to support medical, scientific and academic research. Includes a nationwide map of PCCC (post-COVID care centers).


Participate in this short CaringBridge survey on long COVID. Your answers may help others, and we’ll share these results here.

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At CaringBridge, we know how important meaningful connections and social support are for health journeys. If you suspect your symptoms may be long COVID, see your physician right away to rule out other issues and assess treatment.


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Long COVID Alliance

Network of patient-advocates, scientists, disease experts and drug developers joined to together for resources, education, research and policy to better understand and respond to post-viral illness.

Long COVID Support

Patient-led international health and wellness advocacy organization created to identify resources, find community, and better-understand long COVID. 


The Latest about Long COVID

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At CaringBridge, we know that a health journey is difficult to endure alone. Too often, patients and caregivers feel isolated at a time when support matters most. In these moments, there’s no match for the power of community, because healing happens when we’re surrounded by our loved ones.

CaringBridge user Bernie Goldblatt - COVID survivor, being hugged by his wife.
CaringBridge user and COVID survivor, Brenda DeAndrea with her dog
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Bernie Goldblatt
Brenda DeAnda

“The prayers, the wishes for healing, the positive energy, the kindness of all these people who posted to me on CaringBridge … it affected my survival and my recovery.”

- Bernie Goldblatt, COVID-19 Survivor

“I took air, and breath, for granted. But I am now so grateful and so thankful for every minute and every day.”

- Brenda DeAndra, COVID-19 Survivor

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Our Vision reflects how patients, caregivers, family and friends like you see CaringBridge: A world where no one goes through a health journey alone.

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Archelle Georgiou, MD, first connected with CaringBridge as a collaborator on the How We Heal series, in which patients and caregivers share their stories with the hope of helping others along the healing journey. She was a practicing internist before transitioning to the managed care industry to serve as a senior executive and chief medical officer of UnitedHealthcare. Currently, Archelle is the Chief Health Officer of Starkey Hearing Technologies, adjunct faculty and Executive in Residence at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and also serves on the Board of Directors of Children’s Hospital of Minnesota. Archelle has a weekly health segment on KSTP-TV and in 2017 published her first book, Healthcare Choices: 5 Steps to Getting the Medical Care You Want and Need.

CaringBridge Long COVID Support Center 

About 1 in 10 people who had COVID-19 may experience long COVID—a condition where patients experience symptoms long beyond the four-week recovery period. 

If you believe you have or had long COVID, please consider taking this short survey to help others learn more about this syndrome.
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Meet Our Expert

Archelle Georgiou, MD

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Dr. Georgiou speaks to KWGN 

Denver about long COVID